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Resistance bands and link for demonstration videos:

The Mayo clinic website assists in providing information on calorie reduction through the Healthy Weight Pyramid Tool (link takes you directly to the tool). The website is also beneficial for researching articles related to weight management and overall health concerns or questions.

Just follow the link:

The next website is good for those interested in following the diabetic diet. Just click on the PDF version and you can print the document (though it is about 50 pages) or you can save it to your computer. It is very easy to understand.

Just follow the link:

If you are interested in journaling your calories and assessing your daily nutrition, you can use calorie counters at the following websites. They are both online weight management communities to provide you with tips and suggestions.

The next website is a website that I feel is a great resource for living a healthy lifestyle. Please navigate the website and decide for yourself if the information is useful to you.

Just follow the link:

For those trying to follow a low sodium diet, please follow this link for helpful information on how to reduce sodium. You can also find sample menus here.

Many people ask for specific recommendations regarding healthy foods for meals and snacks. Here are some suggestions:

Breakfast: plain oatmeal (with fresh fruit, a little cinnamon and nuts), high fiber cereal (Fiber One Honey Clusters), light yogurt (with granola or dry cereal)

Lunch: frozen lunch entrees (Lean Cuisines, Healthy Choice, Smart Ones), salad (with a light vinaigrette), leftovers (controlled portions), whole wheat turkey sandwich (with mustard, lettuce, and tomato and side of vegetables of your choice)

Dinner: Use a salad plate to control your portions, lean meats that are baked/grilled, vegetables

Snacks: fresh fruit, light yogurt, light cottage cheese, mozzarella string cheese, triscuits, wheat thins, raw vegetables. The key with a snack is to pair a protein and a fiber. Some suggestions are to pair low-fat or natural peanut butter with apples, triscuits, or celery, string cheese and wheat thins, cottage cheese and fruit, etc.

Beverages: water (with lemon for flavor if you prefer), Crystal Light

Other healthy foods: skim or 1% milk, whole grain bread (check label), using mustard instead of mayonnaise. I usually recommend using the plastic plate that frozen meals come in, rinsing out these plates and using it as your meal plates to control your portion size.

There is a lot of information in this email. The key is to make healthy changes slowly and gradually and continuing to challenge yourself to a healthier lifestyle.